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Recreation: For the softball lovers out there.

Entertainment: For the Husky fans. No Cougs allowed.

Service: For the volunteer in all of us.

Computing: For the wannabee techie in me.

From March to September, I play slowpitch softball for Case Construction in Seattle. Our women's "B" team plays double-headers every Wednesday night at Fort Dent in Tukwilla to prepare for our main focus: tournaments. Nearly every weekend we head out to another tournament, traveling all over the Puget Sound region and occassionaly competing out of state.

Last year, our schedule included trips to Las Vegas NV, Beaverton OR, Portland OR, and Fort Collins CO. This summer we stayed a little closer to home, venturing only to Concord CA for the DeMarini Women's NIT and to Portland OR. We placed 4th in the Women's "B" Division of the the USSSA Washington State and Northwest National tournaments. I think I'll retire now.

In 1996, Case Construction owner and manager Russ Christiansen was inducted into the USSSA Washington Hall of Fame for his contributions to the sport. In addition to being famous, he's also an all-around great guy.

Want to swing the finest bat made? Step up to a DeMarini. Their website is top notch, too.
If you like to surf softball, go to Softball Sales. Their site has one of the most diverse collections of softball-related information on the Web.

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Husky Football
In the fall, Saturdays are generally reserved for Husky Football. I'm not a season ticket holder, but I love those TV games on FOX Sports Northwest. The endless stats, instant replays, and interviews are spoiling me. When there's no live TV, I tune in to my Husky Station, KOMO AM 1000.

My season ticket holding friends, who shall remain nameless, let me tag along to Husky Stadium occassionally. We've also been on some great road trips to the Rose Bowl, Stanford Stadium, and Notre Dame Stadium.

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Last fall I met my favorite first grader at McKinley Elementary: Seddrick Wally Bronner. During the school year we read, spelled, and played go fish together. If it sounds like fund, you may want to join Tacoma Public School's Student Mentoring And Reading Tutors (SMART) program. Call 253.596.1383 or send me email for information. It takes only 30 minutes per week, but it lasts a lifetime.

I am often seen seen staring at the computer while it grinds along, throwing it across the room, creating graphics, writing bad - yet anal - HTML, and wishing I had some of those highly demanded C++ or Java skills. I also like to work on this site instead of doing homework. It's bound to come in handy sooner or later.

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