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Equity and Excellence: Can we really change the world through education?

UWT Unofficial Academy Awards: Trying to stir the waters - with a little humor.

Poetry: Don't hold your breath; I'm only a business major.

Equity and Excellence
In My Opinion
I'm not sure if this qualifies as art, because I'm no artist. This work of non-art was commissioned last year for an obscure UWT "Equity and Excellence" poster campaign. For me, this is more than a poster - it is a vehicle for thought. It prompted me to find meaning in two simple words.

Equity and Excellence. Too often, I hear one word used at the expense of the other. Are these terms mutually exclusive? Many people argue that policies of diversity and inclusion lead to mediocrity and reverse discrimination - neither equity nor excellence. Imperfect policies, however, should not be used to judge the worth of a concept.

I believe the synergism of high standards and inclusion warrants further exploration. Let us imagine a world that develops all talent and values any contribution; a world that offers possibility, yet demands accountability. The horizon expands as all climb together upward, energized by each previously wasted vision. Our challenge is to create such a place.

Every day, we see the direct suffering brought on by prejudice and bigotry. We watch individual targets endure emotional, financial, and even physical pain. Nearly as disturbing, but often overlooked, are the faceless secondary effects of such beliefs and behaviors. In the end, our society is robbed of ungiven gifts: those not made from an idle hand nor sung in a silent voice; those not felt by a broken heart.

The Colorful Vision
Simple, bright images demonstrate the value of education and diversity in our lives. With the vibrant colors, we celebrate many cultural and ethnic traditions. Our movements are varied. The blue circle represents accessibility and mobility throughout society. Each of us if free to move. The male and female symbols radiate from a common point on - rather than opposite sides of - the circle. We move as one. The Braille (intumescent ink is needed here) for UWT reminds us that life is an experience not limited by sight. Together we feel the motion. People of all sexual orientations form equalibrium in a pink triangle. Our motion finds balance. The yellow waves spread the light of knowledge (lvx sit) across the land. We move thoughtfully. Down the amber steps, we venture out into the city. We move the community. The green infinity symbol is a reminder of the natural power of inclusion. Our motion knows no limit.
Learn More About It
Visit the University of Massachusetts School of Education's online journal " Equity and Excellence in Education." The old-fashioned print version is available in the periodical or microform section of the UWT Library.

The Office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Washington State, devotes a section of its website to Equity Education. Their committment is to "ensure an equitable educational program for students in relation to race, national origin and gender." The OSPI site also offers links to related sites.

Charles V. Willie, professor of education and urban studies at the Harvard University graduate school of education, asked, "Can Equity and Excellence Coexist?" Read his article from the October 1, 1997 edition of Teacher Magazine on the Web.

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Unofficial UWT Academy Awards

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Superlative Sarcasm Parker Stackman
Speedy Service Vending Machines Starbucks
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Kris' Poetry Korner

Every once in a while, I forget that I hate poetry and try to write it. Here are a couple profound items that I wrote over the summer. The accountant in me wants to explain them first, but that probably defeats the purpose. Email me if you care for the details.
Many Angels
Silent angels together guide us
Through life journeys yet untold
How gently this unseen touch
Casts its light down winding road

Faithful choice in forked path
Know not which leads safely through
Stumble down uneven grade
Danger hides itself from view

Voices shout from center stage
So mixed each message heard
Look inward youthful mind
Angels speak a calming word

Might an aged sole emerge
Child's borrowed gifts returned
New found wings lift younger spirits
Honor angel's virtue learned

Ship of Fools
A tiny shred of doubt
Soon tears the marketís sail
Skipper reels in disbelief
No forecast called for gales

He turns the bow upwind
Determined not to fail
A ragged sheet comes down
Itís well beyond repair

All hands descend the cabin
Searching in despair
Every berth is empty
No one packed a spare

Long adrift without a chance
In howling wind and rain
A ship of fools begins to list
Weighted down by blame

A slighted force before unseen
Turned brightest visions pale
Their race would now be won
Had swifter minds prevailed

Beam me up, Scotty...

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