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Work Experience: Yes, I was once gainfully employed.
Education: The schools from which I actually graduated.
Future Plans: I'm not big on goal setting. It just happens.

Work Experience
Pierce County Government
I have over ten years of experience in construction, design, and code enforcement. From 1990-1998, I worked as a Plans Examiner in the Building Inspection Division of the Pierce County Planning and Land Services Department (PALS). I reviewed proposed non-residential construction for compliance with building, fire, mechanical, plumbing, accessibility, energy, and air quality codes. In addition to plan review, I organized and participated in a preliminary meeting program that encouraged customers to work together with our technical staff during their design process. This service facilitated open communication, code complying designs, and efficient plan reviews. My professional certifications include ICBO plans examiner, ICBO building inspector, IAPMO mechanical inspector, IFCI uniform fire code inspector, and WABO non-residential energy code plans examiner.
Lindal Cedar Homes
Lindal Cedar Homes was my home from 1986-1990. I designed and reviewed residential plans using both manual drafting and CAD techniques. To give you an idea of how technology has changed, we were excited when the company sprang for three new PCs. VersaCad really screamed on those hot 20 mHz 386 machines compared to the old IBM ATs. Favorite quote: My boss, trying to speed my production, used to joke, "We're not designing space shuttles here - just houses." Come to think of it, he wasn't really laughing...

Part-time Gigs
Some of my more stimulating after-school and summertime hours were spent working as an office and payroll assistant, grocery store sign painter, inventory clerk, Tacoma Dome event security guard, waterslide lifeguard, drafter and millworking assistant.

I managed to graduate from Franklin Pierce High School. Then, I went on to acquire a certificate in Building Design Technology from Clover Park Technical College and Associates Degrees in both Technology and Arts and Sciences from Pierce College.
Future Plans
After completing my B.A. in business administration next spring, I plan to finish up on the new information technology concentration and possibly sit for the CPA and CMA exams. I may also pursue studies in a quantitative field such as computer science, engineering, or finance. Only time will tell...

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